Since the trail is closed to the public at this time, there are multiple obstacles blocking the way to the Haiku Stairs.  First off, there is a gate near 490 Kuneki Street in Kaneohe with multiple warning signs that blocks automobile travel up the access road that leads to the bottom of the stairs.   If this road and gate were open to the public, you could travel up under the highway to the base of the stairs. There are several small buildings and possibly government officials near the top of the access road.  There is also a gate and often a security guard at the base of the stairs themselves blocking the way.

We don’t recommend breaking any laws by trespassing on private property.  Perhaps someday, the stairs will reopen to the public and we can all enjoy the fabulous views.




Access Road Gate


Gate to Haiku Stairs

Gate to Haiku Stairs (The sign today is a little less “New” looking.)


The stairway itself begins at the southern portion of the valley, runs up the height of the south cliff, and along the top of the mountain to the southern side of the ridge.